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eBook Provider Many books 
Copyright Public Domain and Creative Commons
# of Titles Offered 26,021
Content/ Genres Fiction and Non-Fiction 62 categories
Ideal for public or academic Public or Academic
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Copyright public domain books whose copyright has expried in the United States, and copyrighted books whose author gave Project Gutenberg Permission to Distribute them.
# of Titles Offered 30,000
Content/ Genres Children’s Bookshelf, Countries Bookshelf, Crime Bookshelf, Periodicals Bookshelf, Religion Bookshelf, Science Bookshelf, Wars (Those 7 Subcategories are further broken down in 77 categories)
Ideal for public or academic Public
Equipment required to view The Nook, Kindle, Sony Ereader, MP3 players, gaming systems, eBook Readers, mobile phones Qi00 format.

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Copyright No area of terms and conditions listed.  Site just states “Free” books to read on your computer
# of Titles Offered 8,000+
Content/ Genres Essays, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Short Stories
Ideal for public or academic Public
Equipment required to view Readable on your computer only, not downloadable.

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Copyright Use of this site is Free.  Where a price appears in the listing, this is the charge for the title from the publisher or distributor.  No billing is incurred through this site.  Payments will be made to the publisher when you transfer to the download site.
# of Titles Offered 148,000 total eBooks   120,000 of them are free
Content/ Genres Reference Literature and Languages History Social Sciences Medicine Health Math Philosophy Religion Law The Arts Children’s eBooks other. . .
Ideal for public or academic Academic or Public
Equipment required to view Adobe Acrobat, Adobe eBook, MS Reader, AportisDoc, Reader for the Palm and Pocket PC, Palm Reader, DeJa View Reader (LizardTech).

eBook Provider IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library wiki/Main_Page,
Copyright Public Domain
# of Titles Offered 65,089
Content/ Genres Downloadable Sheet Music
Ideal for public or academic Public
Equipment required to view  

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